A Scottish World Record

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Brothers from Edinburgh set new world record…

The MacLean brothers from Edinburgh, Lachlan aged 21, Jami aged 26 and Ewan aged 27, have set a set a new world record after rowing the Atlantic Ocean in just 35 days.

The brothers set off from the Canary Islands on the 12th of December and completed their 3,000-mile journey to Antigua on Thursday. They completed the journey in 35 days, nine hours and nine minutes, beating the previous three-man record of 41 days. They are also the first three brothers to have rowed an ocean together.

The UK media virtually ignored the competition which is organised annually by Talisker Whisky and brings together teams from all walks of life to take on the unique challenge of crossing an ocean in a rowing boat.

Prior to the victory the press reported them as Scottish, however, when the guys from Scotland won, and as is usual when a Scottish player or team wins something of significance they instantly headlined them as British. It has been a consistent trait of the UK’s MSM to downplay Scotland’s sporting achievements and attribute the wins and successes to Britain as an Island instead of Scotland as a Country, even when the team are clearly representing Scotland.

The team entered the competition as a Scottish team as the team card from the Atlantic Challenge website clearly shows, the guys even took along their Bagpipes to ensure that the victory was celebrated in true Scottish fashion.

The MSM media may well want to play down Scotland’s success but it doesn’t change the fact that this was achieved by three guys from Edinburgh representing Scotland, so a big well done to Lachlan, Jamie and Ewan MacLean, You have done Scotland proud……

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