A True Tory

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What makes a successful Tory?

This is a question that has been asked for many years, it has baffled most of us, we now have the answer.

To be a true Tory you need to have the ability to attack and punish the most vulnerable in society, it needs to be carried out in a way that looks progressive and fair, it needs to be done legally?

First, you take those who are already struggling, like the disabled, the sick, those on low incomes and of course the pensioners, then you set about wreaking havoc with their finances. You do it in a way that people in the highest income bracket will support, after all this is where the vast majority of Conservative voters are placed.

The Banking Crisis was not caused by people receiving an extra £10 in benefits each week, it was not caused by people retiring at an acceptable age, it was not caused by sick and disabled people, yet these were the people who had to pay the price for the Billionaires mistakes. They certainly could not do without their bonus or high salary. “We are all in this together” David Cameron told us all, austerity is essential to balance the books. We must raise the pension age, we must freeze benefit payments, we must stop all public sector workers pay increases. We needed to bring in the Rape Clause, we needed to bring in the bedroom tax. We are all in this together after all.

The man selected by the Conservatives to deliver this latest round of austerity cuts was non other than Ian Duncan Smith. His first target was the pensioners with plans to scrap free bus passes, winter fuel allowance and free TV licences as well as an increase in the pension age.

Then he turned on the sick and disabled with new rules that saw many of them being declared fit for work, he then went all out against the poorest in society by making drastic changes to the benefits system, replacing the current system with a flawed universal credit, this saw many of the most vulnerable in society living off a pittance and many more being sanctioned without the means to appeal.

Yes, Ian Duncan Smith was the man who was instrumental in the changes to the welfare system that brought about thousands of deaths.

The UN stated that his policies on Welfare Reform have caused “grave or systematic violations” of disabled peoples’ human rights.

He was never prosecuted for these crimes against humanity, instead he was rewarded by the conservative party with a knighthood. This is the party that is now in charge of the UK, a party that rewards people who openly bring about death and misery to the most vulnerable in society just to save a few quid….

So welcome to conservative Britain where the rich really do get richer, where the oppressors of the weak, infirm and most vulnerable get rewarded with honours while the poorest amongst us end up having to rely on foodbanks to survive….

Scotland has an option that will put an end to these attacks on the most vulnerable in society and that is Independence….


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