Army Prepares For Brexit

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army getting ready for brexit riots

It is now becoming clear that a hard or no deal brexit will lead to medicine, food & fuel shortages

The UK Government knows that people will take to the streets in protest when price increases and the inevitable rationing of essential supplies starts to take affect after our exit from the EU on March the 29th.

The army are quoted as saying that “Controlled Aggression” will be used to disperse crowds.

It is also alarming that this statement by the army has been released in the same week that a bill to exempt members of the Armed Forces from prosecution under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is being pushed through parliament in time for brexit…

If the army are exempt from human rights violations it will mean that they can be as aggressive as they want to be, without ever being held to account for their actions.

History tells us that “Controlled Aggression” in British army speak, essentially translates to “kick the crap out of them”. If the army are deployed on our streets and allowed to use the heavy handed tactics that we have seen them use in the past showing little or no regard to human rights, then we will have lost our democratic right as citizens to peaceful protest.

We all know how quickly civil unrest can turn violent when aggression of any kind is used against peaceful protesters, in this case the aggressors will have the full protection of the British Government, while the people have none. If we allow this to happen then democracy as we know it will be finished.

Many have taken to social media to voice their concerns, but I fear that few will be heard. Any concerns voiced in parliament will simply be ignored as Theresa May can declare a state of emergency and deploy troops onto the streets without any discussion or vote in the commons.

UPDATE – 17/01/2019

The UK Government has put reserves on Standby with effect from the 10th of February 2019

A new order has been made under section 56(1B) of the Reserve Forces Act 1996 to enable Reservists to be called into permanent service in support of the HMG contingency planning for a no deal EU exit scenario.

Reserve Forces will be on standby to deliver a range of Defence outputs such as: reinforcement of Regular sub-units, liaison officer roles and the provision of specialist skills. A particularly important role may be the planned reinforcement of Regional Points of Command, to enable their 24/7 operation and resilience. We would also expect Reserves to be drawn upon to support the implementation of contingency plans developed by Other Government Departments.

Mark Lancaster (Minister of State, Ministry of Defence)

The order shall take effect from the beginning of 10 February 2019 and shall cease to have effect at the end of 9 February 2020.

UK Government puts the reserves on Standby

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