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The BBC no longer hides its bias towards the SNP or Scottish Independence

This screengrab was taken from the BBC QT’s official twitter feed.

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For the past 6 years the Scottish people have had to suffer biased news reports aimed at belittling the countries elected party. On top of that viewers have had to sit and listen to the same audience members who appear on Question Time week after week speaking out against the SNP and Scottish Independence, and let us not forget the woman who was planted in the audience posing as a poor downtrodden nurse, who claimed she had been forced to use foodbanks when in reality she was dining out in high end restaurants.

You don’t have to look far to see the bias, in fact you don’t have to dig very deep at all, just take a look at events that have occurred over the past few weeks…

Ross Thomson Scottish Conservative MP gets removed from a bar in Westminster for sexual offenses against not one, but three young men in the same night and the BBC hardly give it a mention, yet when Alex Salmond was questioned by police over mere ALLEGATIONS it was played on a continual news loop for days on end.

Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, but watching the BBC news channels you would think that we all voted to leave, as all the people interviewed on the streets by the BBC appear to overwhelmingly support Brexit.

In a week that saw the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA) welcoming the announcement by Cnooc of a significant discovery of millions of barrels of oil in the North Sea, the BBC instead chose to run with one of its usual SNP bad stories regarding ambulance waiting times, the fact that Scotland outperforms the rest of the UK in this regard was a point very much left out by the BBC’s biased reporting, as was the fact that this new oil discovery in the Glendorms is worth millions of pounds to the UK economy.

SNP members and people who openly support Scottish Independence are automatically exclude from audience selection for programs like BBC Question Time, and the BBC are also very selective about who they allow to ask questions or speak on the show, because after all, it wouldn’t do to have people saying good things about the SNP or indeed speaking up for Scotland as an independent nation. Why, because it goes against the Conservative party narrative being broadcast by the BBC.

Conservative BBC
What more proof do we need that it’s the Conservatives who control the BBC, especially when we see these loyal tories rewarded with top jobs

So why are the BBC so biased, the answer is simple. If the BBC were to start broadcasting the truth, the facts, the real story of Scotland’s success, its people, or the party that those people chose to elect to represent them, then the BBC would fast find itself out of favour with the Conservatives, and would very soon lose its monopoly on collecting its TV licensing fees.

The UK Government are currently holding a financial gun to the heads of the BBC by suggesting that it will oppose plans for the BBC to scrap the free licenses for pensioners, the BBC need this money as more and more people quit paying them and turn to catch up TV which doesn’t require a license fee.

There is no way we can ever bring about an effective complaint about this biased reporting, because as we all know, complaints against the BBC are handled internally. We do however have a choice as to whether or not we pay their TV licence fee. Remember you only require a TV licence if you watch “LIVE TV”

No More TV License Fees

Remember you only require a TV licence if you watch “LIVE TV”

It’s time to put an end to this biased reporting, we need to petition parliament to scrap the licence fee all together. Maybe if the BBC had to work for their money they wouldn’t be so keen to keep attacking the party that has won the last 5 elections in Scotland and represents the majority of the people who live in this country.

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