Big Fail for Scottish Conservatives

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Ruth Davidson’s Conservatives Branch Relegated to 4th Place in Edinburgh By-Election….

Ruth Davidson’s Scottish branch of the Conservative and Union party failed miserably to pursued voters to move away from the Scottish Independence parties despite a huge spend on leaflets designed to sway voters away from the SNP.

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Each party/candidate has an expense limit of only £2,166.86, so it will be interesting to see just how much the Conservatives spent on these leaflets when the expenses are declared later in the year.

Ruth Davidson kick started the Conservatives campaign with a letter sent out to households pleading with voters to back her man Dan. Both the letter and a subsequent leaflet were designed to show that the Conservatives had beaten the SNP in 2017. We are unsure of how they arrived at the figure that they showed on a number of publications, but it certainly didn’t reflect the results which put them one seat behind the SNP.

In her letter Ruth Davidson stated that “We need to send her (Nicola Sturgeon) the clearest possible message” Well I think the voters have done just that and sent Nicola a very clear message indeed, the voters have relegated the Conservatives to 4th place and returned a clear majority for the SNP and the Greens both of whom are pro-independence parties. So if that message isn’t clear enough for you Ruth then what is?

Here is a list of the top 5 with their percentage of the vote share:-

1st – SNP – Rob Munn won with 35.7% of the vote
2nd – Greens – Lorna Slater with 25.5% of the vote
3rd – Labour – Nick Gardner with 15.5% of the vote
4th – Conservatives – Dan McCroskrie with 10.7% of the vote
5th – Lib Dems – Jack Caldwell with 8.6% of the votes

One thing is clear from these results and that is that the people of Leith Walk, Edinburgh have had enough of Ruth Davidson and her branch of the Conservative and Unionist Party and are very much behind Scottish Independence….

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