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Boris Johnston ignored the advice of medical experts and scientists and paraded around a hospital, posing for the press and shaking hands with anybody who happened to be in front of a camera. So it didn’t come as much of a surprise when he caught the virus.

At first he self isolated, then he was admitted to hospital. This set social media alight, with people posting and twittering about this dramatic turn of events, some sympathetic and others critical of his behaviour. In some cases discussions became quite heated leading to a flurry of twitter bans and posts being removed. Anyone that was critical of the Prime Ministers decision to ignore the experts advice, instantly became a target of conservatives and unionists nationwide, as the colonial keyboard warriors rallied round to defend their incompetent leader.

Irrespective of how we feel about someone we should never wish ill of them, and I hope all of those who are infected with this virus make a speedy recovery…

But it wasn’t just those posting on facebook and twitter that became targets of the British cyber army, they also trawled through YouTube and raised complaints against a number of anti-tory videos including, news clips and songs.

One of those targeted was vocalist Pete Scally, also known as “The Scottish Rebel” his revamped “Boris” version of “Who The F*** is Alice” was removed without warning. YouTube stated that it “violated their harassment and bullying policy”. The strange thing is, the video clip had been up there for 6 months, had thousands of views and hundreds of reactions… I am at a loss to understand their reasoning behind this…

So why now? if it is indeed classed as bullying and harassment as they claim, why has it taken them 6 months to pull this video clip and why haven’t they pulled similar videos from other YouTube channels?

I don’t have the answer, but what I do have is a copy of the clip and the artists permission to share it, so in the interests of education and understanding, here it is…

If you would like to support The Rockin’ Scottish Rebel you can drop a few quid into his tipjar (link opens in a new tab)


Who the F k is BORIS / Boris the clown ?
From the “Independence ROCKS” CD

And here we have a live performance from one of the many independence rallies that the “Scottish Rebel” has performed at…

Live Version

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