Brexit Deal Sells Out Scotland’s Fishing Rights For The Next Ten Years

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Boris Johnson’s brexit deal has sold out any hope of significantly increasing our share of catching our own fish for the next ten years.

This deal sets in stone fishing quotas and access to UK waters until 2026 and shows that there will be a drop of only 4% on EU quotas over the next five years.

EU fishing fleets will still have full access to Scottish waters until 2026 with a full review in 2030

This means that Scotland, who never wanted to leave the EU to begin with, now has zero control of its own waters and fishing industry for the next ten years.

On the first of January 2021 Scotland becomes the only country in the world with No Control over its own waters “

Here is page 909 of the UK-EU trade deal granting “full access” to Scotland’s waters until 30th of June 2026.
Continued access will be subject to changes in quota shares over time but this will not benefit Scottish fishermen. As an example the table below shows that the EU fleet’s 47% share of the North Sea cod catch in 2021, reduces to only 43% by 2026.
The quota tables show these shares continuing into the future (subject to annual consultations) and a possible review of the overall agreement after 4 years (2030). This means that Scotland will have no control over its own waters and fishing rights for the next ten years.

Any further changes would need to be agreed by both sides and any restrictions placed on one side would entitle the other side to take “compensatory measures” including applying tariffs to fish imports.

This creates a direct link between access to fishing waters and access to the market for fish products

Yes, the EU has given up some of its quota share, but as it is spread over the next five years it will not immediately benefit our fisherman, in fact it will be 2030 before we will see any gains from this deal.

Boris Johnson has sold out Scotland in order to secure his brexit deal and Scotland will remember this…