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Updated 05/02/19

New Scottish £10 note

Nowadays many places accept all UK banknotes (Sterling), coins and plastic cards as currency for making purchases, but it is of course entirely up to the retailer/supplier what type of currency they accept. For a better insight into this I would suggest you read this article on the Bank of England’s website – what-is-legal-tender

New Scottish £10 NotesOf course it doesn’t help matters when the unionist press publish Anti-Scottish headlines like this one, which was clearly designed to undermine the launch of the new Scottish Polymer £10 note.

You can read the full article here “Another reason not to buy the Daily Mirror”

Most retailers in Scotland and England will accept the new notes despite the efforts of the unionist press, but there are some companies out there that sadly, out of mindless loyalty to their dying colonial empire will refuse to accept them.

Recently it was reported that a filling station run by highlands fuel was refusing to accept the new Scottish £10 note, the reason for the refusal was unclear but none the less it could not be used as a payment method. This caused quite a stir amongst the local population as the filling station was accepting the equivalent English £10 notes.

ATM’s in Scotland generally give out Scottish notes so if you wanted to pay for your fuel using cash you were further hampered as getting hold of acceptable notes was proving difficult. Many took to social media to voice their concerns and anger but many of them didn’t understand the difference between “Legal Tender” & “Currency” and this caused further confusion.

The filling station is of course within its rights to refuse certain bank notes as the only legal tender in Scotland are coins. Personally, I would be tempted to pay for my fuel in one pound coins and encourage others to do the same, then they will have a nightmare of a job counting up and banking all them loose £1 coins. 

The law is quite explicit on legal tender and as you have already drawn the fuel then you owe the service station the money, so in effect it becomes a debt, the service station would then have to accept the payment in £1 coins as by law they cannot refuse legal tender in settling a debt.

There are many companies who have refused to accept Scottish notes & they will be remembered by the people of Scotland, some like McDonalds & Costa Coffee have apologised & now accept them.

Costa Coffee refuses Scottish notes
McDonalds Bans Scottish notes
McDonalds caught on film refusing Scottish money
McDonalds blasted for refusing Scottish Notes


Today (05/02/19) we have learned that Costa Coffee are allowing individual shops to make their own rules on whether they accept Scottish notes or not. This is despite them openly stating that it was NOT their policy back in 2017.

Read this on Costa’s official twitter feed here

Costa’s decision not to accept Scottish currency in some shops is rather concerning especially given that a company as big as Costa will accept a piece of cardboard with a few tokens stuck on it in exchange for a cuppa, but wont accept a genuine Bank of England backed, asset protected Scottish banknote for the same drink…

Costa Coffee have since deleted the thread…

Whitbread the owners of Costa Coffee had a noticeable drop in share prices following the outcry on social media. Was it a coincidence, or a message to shareholders from the Scottish people?

It is of course up to each individual company what currency they accept in exchange for their goods, but when both the English and Scottish notes are classed as “Currency” and neither are “Legal Tender” in Scotland, then it is a bit unfair to accept one and not the other.

Just as a company has the right to choose the form of currency it accepts, the people of Scotland have the right to choose whether or not they wish to do business with a particular brand or chain, it is becoming blatantly obvious that some companies want our trade but not our currency.

I wonder how long they would last if people stopped using them and gave their trade and Scottish currency to businesses that were prepared to accept us as equals.

There are still many who are confused over the differences between “Currency” and “Legal Tender”. We have an article here that maybe helpful in explaining this in more depth. 

Check out this page for more information on Scottish notes

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