Conservatives set to seize more powers from Holyrood

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In a year when we have seen the conservatives pass a controversial internal market bill in Westminster that will remove a number of key powers from the Scottish Parliament, we are now faced with the threat of losing our devolved government.

Boris Johnson says Scottish devolution is a ‘disaster’

The comment was made during a Zoom call with around 60 northern Conservative MPs on Monday evening when Boris Johnson said that devolution had been a disaster and former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s “biggest mistake”.

The BBC in its report said that Downing Street had failed to deny that the comment had been made.

Boris Johnson also told MPs that he did not currently ‘see a case’ for handing down more powers from Westminster to Scotland. 

This has all come in a week that has seen Westminster tighten its grip on Scotland by passing legislation that will lower food standards, allow foreign fishing fleets to fish in Scotland’s waters and limit Scotland’s trade outside the UK.

The Conservative parties message to Scotland is now very clear and the only way to protect Scotland and strengthen the Scottish Parliament is through independence.

If as is predicted the SNP wins a majority in next years Scottish elections then Scotland’s people will be given a chance to vote on whether or not they wish to remain part of the Westminster run union or go it alone as an independent nation. Boris may think that he can stop Scotland from having a 2nd referendum, but it is not his decision to make, it is a decision for the people of Scotland to make.

It matters not whether Boris Johnson and his conservative cohorts sanction a referendum, Scotland’s future will be determined by the people of Scotland, and not by a bunch of power hungry politicians in Westminster, this is what democracy is, and no one, including the the law breaking conservative prime minister Boris Johnson, can do anything to stop a second referendum from being held.

Scotland can end the union...

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