Cyber Attack on Scottish Independence Activist traced back to the House of Commons

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Scottish Independence activist Craig Murray was the target of a smear campaign by someone with access to the House of Commons servers. Craig tweeted that his Wikipedia biography had been altered and the words “Conspiracy Theorist” added. This was clearly an attempt to discredit the former ambassador so as to undermine his credibility and also an attempt to ridicule his work within the independence movement.

With so much in the news regarding the work still to do to legislate for Brexit, one wonders where a government minister or staffer would find the time to sit and alter someone’s Wikipedia biography, in fact one wonders how the idiot ever thought that he or she would get away with such a blatant move.

Apparently anyone can edit a page, but some people with lower IQ’s forget that the IP address is stored by wiki and is publicly available.

The IP address used was traced back to the House Of Commons Servers, so there can be no doubt whatsoever where this cyber attack originated.

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