Farewell Boris

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UK’s No Deal Brexit & Despicable Handling of the Corona Pandemic Leaves Scotland with no other choice but to leave the union….

Brexit has undoubtedly left the UK battered and broken, Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, but our voices have been totally ignored by the UK government in Westminster.

The deadline for negotiations has passed and a no deal brexit is all we have left. New laws have been passed in Westminster that open up our NHS to private bidders, lower our food standards to allow imports from the USA and give sweeping powers to the UK Government to remove devolved areas from the Scottish Government.

Add to that the hard border down the Irish sea and differing trade agreements for one part of the UK (both of which are in direct violation of the Acts of the Union), and you can see why the people of Scotland are angry.

The mis-handling of the pandemic by the conservative government has left over 60,000 people dead and many businesses struggling to survive

Covid relief payments that should have come to Scotland under the Barnett consequences have not all been received leaving Scotland with only a fraction of what has been handed out to the rest of the UK.

Support for Scottish Independence is at its highest recorded level since polls began, but the conservatives are in absolute denial of this, claiming that it is nationalist media hype fuelled by the SNP.

Hype or not, it didn’t stop Boris Johnston from rushing up to Scotland on a whistle stop tour of Orkney, trying his best to put out a message through staged photo ops, that the union has never been stronger.

The trip backfired badly for him as Independence supporters turned up outside every venue he visited waving Saltires and booing him, even his trip to the army base was met with protesters, resulting in him having to leave by another exit. For a trip that was designed to show unity for the union it was a PR disaster.

The conservatives are now going out of their way pledging, promising and publicly announcing extra money for Scotland in a bid to rally support for their failing union, but we have heard it all before and we know fine well that none of it will ever make it’s way into the Scottish treasury.