Conservatives Hostile Immigration Policy Will Damage Scotland…

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We are already seeing the impact of the Conservative Governments existing hostile immigration policies and the new proposals that will come into effect following brexit will not make the situation any better….

Before we take a look at the new regulations to be introduced following brexit, let’s take a look at the impact that the present regulations are having on the lives of those who have fallen foul of the Conservatives present hostile immigration policies…

Glasgow-born jazz singer given 14 days to leave the country by the Home Office… Bumi Thomas is facing deportation after being told she is living in the UK illegally, despite being born here, because her parents, who arrived in the early 70s, were unaware that they should have registered their daughter under the British Nationality Act.

A Scottish family has been torn apart after mum was told she will be deported within a WEEK… Volha Merry, from Belarus, married Scots husband Derek five years ago and lives in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. The couple, who met through work, got married in Belarus, their daughter Milana was born in Scotland after the couple settled in Lanarkshire.

Home office orders the deportation of an orphaned 11 year old boy, who has lived in Glasgow almost all his life…. Giorgi Kakava could be deported to Georgia – a country he cannot remember as he was just eight months old when he left, because his mother died before her asylum application was completed…

Glasgow mum ordered to move to America – despite being born and raised in Scotland… The 33-year-old was given just ten days from the day she received her deportation notice to ‘prove she was allowed to be in the UK’.

Indian woman refused entry to live in Scotland with Fife-born hubby – because her English is too good… The newlyweds, who have been together for almost four years and are expecting their first child, say the Home Office have blocked Alexandria’s immigration visa because she passed a more advanced International English Language Testing System exam than the basic one required.

A Chinese woman is facing deportation after legally moving to Scotland 16 years ago… Chennan Fei, who moved to Scotland legally as a child is facing deportation following a Home Office decision and highlights once again the UK government’s hostile immigration policies which all too often lacks any kind of  compassion and common sense.

These are just a few recent examples of the many people living and working in Scotland who are facing deportation because of a flawed system coupled with the Conservatives hostile immigration policies and it doesn’t look like it will be improving anytime soon, as the UK Government gets set to tighten up even more following the UK’s exit from the EU.

Westminster’s immigration proposals for Brexit Britain will be devastating for Scotland…

The UK Governments immigration proposals that are due to come into effect following the UK’s exit from the EU, will have a detrimental effect on Scotland’s Agriculture, Health Care and Education….

63 per cent of workers in Scotland currently earn below £30,000, so the UK Government’s proposed salary threshold, where people earning less than £30,000 would not be allowed admittance to the UK, will make it more difficult to attract foreign workers in key sectors. This proposal would put an end to farm workers, teachers and nurses from overseas coming to work in our schools, hospitals and on our farms.

You only have to take a look at some of the starting salaries to see just how negative introducing such a high wage cap will be for Scotland.

A Fully Qualified Nurses salary starts at £24,214 
A Social Care Workers salary is £25,803
A Main Grade Teacher is on a salary of £26,694
The average salary for a Farm Worker is £25,578

View Scotland’s average salary stats here…

Setting such a high salary threshold would also exclude younger people at the start of their careers from seeking work in Scotland.

Scotland’s Universities will also lose out if Westminster’s Student Visa proposals go ahead…

The UK Governments proposal to introduce a 3 year student visa will be okay for students taking courses south of the border, but will leave Scotland’s students a year short. This is clearly an attempt by the Conservative government to make Scottish colleges and universities less attractive to foreign students. Student visas need to be extended to four years to cover the full term of the traditional Scottish degree courses.

As long as matters relating to immigration are reserved to Westminster, then the only way that Scotland will ever be able to put an end to the Conservatives hostile policies and mitigate these new proposals will be through independence…