The Real Reason Why Westminster Doesn’t Want Scotland To Leave The Union…

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It Has Nothing To Do With Protecting The People Of Scotland and Neither Has It Anything To Do With Scotland Allegedly Being Better Off Financially By Remaining In The Union…

It Is and always has been about the MONEY….

Scotland has for hundreds of years been a source of income for Westminster, even more so since the discovery of Oil in the North Sea.

The UK Government has over the years borrowed billions of pounds using the assets of Scotland as part of its collateral against these loans, the current level of debt owed by the UK Government is almost two trillion pounds.

Revenue from Scotland’s Oil and Gas has swelled the coffers of the UK treasury by over £200 billion in corporation tax alone, but that is a mere drop in the ocean compared to the value of the Scottish Financial Services sector, which has a net worth of over a Trillion pounds.

The corporation tax on Scotland’s oil could be deemed as an acceptable loss given the current price and low levels of demand, but the loss of Scotland’s financial services sectors balance sheet would be devastating to the rest of the UK’s economy, and would leave Westminster with the daunting task of trying to re-balance the books.

If the UK were to suddenly wipe off Trillions of pounds worth of assets, it would cause panic on the stock exchange and see the value of the pound plummet to an all time low, this would leave them in a very vulnerable position and could possibly stop them from further borrowing until the financial shortfall had been made up, and this is why Westminster cannot allow Scotland to leave the Union with its financial service sector assets intact.

The 2014 referendum brought home to the UK government the reality of the support for Scottish Independence, despite the polls showing the Yes campaign at only 27% the final count of 45% rattled the gates of Westminster and woke them up to the fact that support for Scottish Independence had grown. One of the main reasons that better together won the vote was because of the uncertainty of Scotland remaining as a member of the EU.

The EU referendum in 2016 reminded Westminster why Scotland voted no in 2014, the decisive vote to remain in the EU sent a clear message to Westminster of what the people in Scotland wanted. The decision to drag Scotland out of the EU against the will of its people has opened the door for a second referendum, as many see it as the only viable way for Scotland to remain a part of the EU.

We all know that Scottish independence is a real threat to the financial stability of the rest of the UK and it is for that reason and that reason alone that Westminster will never allow a second referendum to take place, even if it means using parliamentary powers to suspend Holyrood and replace the existing Scottish Government with a Westminster run administration. I can already hear people saying “They can’t do that” and “There is no way the UK Government would get away with it”, but believe me when I tell you, that the UK Government already has the means to amend any legislation that it sees fit, they can do this by using Henry VIII powers.

Henry VIII powers’ allow the government to change an act of parliament, or even to repeal it, after it has been passed and without the need to go through parliament a second time. The clauses take their name from the 1539 Statute of Proclamations, which allowed Henry VIII to rule by royal proclamation.

Parliament UK Henry the VIII Clauses

You can almost hear them now, standing up in the house of commons uttering phrases like:-
“The people of Scotland do not want a second referendum”
“In 2014 the people of Scotland voted to remain in the UK”
“A second referendum would not be in the National interest”
“In 2017 Scotland increased its vote for unionist parties”
“Given the uncertainty of Brexit now is not the time for a debate on a second referendum”
and of course the clincher……
“The SNP and the Independence movement has become a threat to National Security”

Not once will the UK government mention the real reason for not allowing a second vote, because doing so would only strengthen the case for Scottish Independence…

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