Scottish Renewables Robbed by Rouges in Robes

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Scotland is a world leader when it comes to cheap, clean renewables with onshore wind now delivering 70% of capacity, followed by hydro and offshore wind as Scotland’s main sources of renewable power.

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Back in 2013 the unionists used a back door to remove powers from the Scottish parliament by introducing last minute amendments in the House of Lords.

The UK Government knew that if it was brought to the floor of the house of commons for debate the amendment would be challenged by the SNP, the Scottish Greens and the Scottish Government, so instead used its majority in the House of Lords to push it through the back door knowing that the Scottish Government had no representation in the House of Lords.

Amendment 54 removed the Scottish parliament’s powers in respect of renewables obligation in Scotland 

This meant that Scotland no longer had full control over its renewable energy which now supplies 97% of Scotland’s electricity demands and is currently worth over £3.3bn in added value to the Scottish economy.

This was nothing to do with protecting the UK’s renewables infrastructure, it was about who controls the money, it was about the UK Government in Westminster taking control of Scotland’s growing renewables industry in the same way that Thatcher did with Scottish Oil.

Scotland has all the natural resources required to produce clean renewable energy and as we are one of the windiest countries in Europe we are well on the way to becoming one of the top suppliers of renewables in the World. This is something that Boris Johnson himself acknowledged when he stated As Saudi Arabia is to oil, the UK is to wind, so it is no surprise that the UK Government used its influence in the House of Lords to take full control of the renewables service sector in Scotland without any discussion with the Scottish Government, or debate in the house of commons.

Remember, unlike the oil revenue that was plundered from Scotland until the oil prices dropped, renewable energy will always be needed and Scotland will never run out of wind or waves.

Scotland is edging closer to 100% sustainability but will never reap the financial benefits that renewable energy brings because the industry is controlled by Westminster.

Scotland is now generating a huge profit from renewables and needs to take back control before we find this hard earned cash being eaten away in tory tax cuts for the rich and vanity projects like HS2 which has zero benefit for the Scottish people.

When will the people of Scotland wake up and realise that Westminster is not their friend, they are leeches pillaging the resources of your homeland for their personal gain.

Westminster will continue to legislate for the benefit of the tory elitists and have no scruples about pushing laws and amendments through without scrutiny. Take a look at how damaging Brexit’s internal market bill is to Scotland, have a look at how many amendments have been passed through the house of lords without any votes or discussion in the house of commons, its happening again just like it did in 2013, the people of Scotland are being well and truly shafted and there is nothing that we or the Scottish Government can do about it…..

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