Tories Save A Quid – Starve A Kid

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For those who still think the sun shines out of the Conservatives, Scot Tories & Unionists butt holes, take a look at what is going on in England right now.

The UK’s Conservative Government has once again shows its distain for those who are less fortunate than others.

Last year it took the intervention of footballer Marcus Rashford to force a U-turn by the conservatives to provide free school meals to needy kids during school holidays.

Now we are seeing conservative appointed contractors one of which is a Conservative party donor taking advantage of the poorest in society by supplying food parcels that would barely feed a child for three days let alone a week.

Food parcels supplied to some parents in England have been criticised for their lack of content with one parent receiving a parcel containing:- half a loaf of bread, some cake, 2 slices of ham, three slices of cheese, one pear, one apple and two bags of crisps.
Remember that this is meant to be lunch for a child for a WEEK and replaces the £30 voucher.

The UK Governments Department of Educations own FSM legislation on food standards and provision for free school meals clearly outlines what children should receive, but for some reason companies like “Chatwells” have been delivering food parcels that fall well below those standards.

The question being asked should be WHY? why are food vouchers being replaced with inadequate packages, could it be because there is no profit for tory donor led companies like “Compass” if parents are allowed to buy their own food.

One of the companies behind the lunches are “Chartwells”, which is the education catering specialist of £24.8billion-earning Compass Group UK & Ireland. It comes as no surprise to learn that Tory donor Paul Walsh, the millionaire who according to Electoral Commission documents gave the Conservative party £10,000 in 2010 was until recently the chairman of Compass.

The companies involved have been quick to dismiss these as “Isolated incidents” and “Glitches” but this is clearly not the case according to many of the posts on social media.

Compare that to Scotland where many local authorities are using a range of methods in line with “family preferences” including: cash payments to families of eligible children; supermarket vouchers; home deliveries or through attendance at school.

For many kids this may be the only meal that they get that day and it is disgusting to see some companies profiting from this and then calling it a “Glitch” or “Isolated Case” when they get caught out.

As usual the BBC had their own take on the story telling its viewers that they couldn’t verify the claims being made by parents on social media and that they had spoken to the company who said “that there had been a couple of isolated incident that they were looking into”.

Let me assure you that these are not isolated incidents, neither are they glitches, these are fine examples of a Conservative appointed tory donating company profiteering from the poorest in our society.

I am sure that it wouldn’t take the BBC researchers long to contact those people on social media to get verification and a quick check with the electoral office would verify the donation to the Conservative party by then director Paul Walsh, but sadly the BBC have a habit of glossing over the facts when it comes to criticising anything concerning the Conservative party or the awarding of exclusive government contracts to tory party donors.

Had this occurred in Scotland then I am sure that the BBC would have had interviews with parents, footage of inadequate food parcels, comments from their favourite Scot Tories and then they would have ran it as an SNP Bad story on a loop for the next three days.

But what makes this even worse is the backlash that some parents have been receiving when they have complained about the contents of their packages. It is bad enough that they are in a situation that requires the additional support that this brings, but getting ripped off when it comes to the content of those food packages and then becoming the subject of barrages of abuse for pointing it out is totally unacceptable.

Comments posted following a news article remind us of just how cruel, despicable and narrow minded some people south of the border really are.

This is the union that the conservatives want us to remain a part of, a union that votes AGAINST Free School Meals for the poorest in our society while handing out exclusive contracts to party donors, a union that would rather starve our kids than give them at least one decent meal a day and this is one of the many reasons why the majority of people in Scotland now support Scottish Independence.

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