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Scotland is excludedScottish Affairs Committee
Oral evidence: Scotland and Brexit: trade and foreign investment, HC 903
Tuesday 4 December 2018
Ordered by the House of Commons to be published on 4 December 2018.

Scottish Border

During a parliamentary enquiry held on the 4th of December, it was re-iterated by George Hollingbery MP, Minister of State for Trade Policy, “that Scotland would not be involved in future trade negotiations as it is not a devolved competence for the Scottish Administration“.

He then went on to state “the UK Government are absolutely clear —and I will have no more to say on this— that UK trade policy and the negotiation of it overseas with third parties will remain a UK position. I can go a little further than that. As I have already said, however close we want to bring the devolved Administrations, to take their advice and for them to represent the interests of their particular areas and responsibilities, it would not be right to allow the devolved Administrations to have an effective veto at any stage. This is a UK competence. It will remain a UK competence and, no, it is not in our plans to allow the Administrations to have that effective right.”

Scotland excluded from future trade deals
Yes, that’s right, the UK Government have stated quite emphatically, that Scotland will NOT be involved in ANY Future Trade Negotiations

We are basically being told to shut up and stay in our little box, and the only trade deals we will get are the once negotiated by the rest of the UK then handed out like scraps of food, providing we have of course, behaved ourselves.

 You can read the full transcript here.
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