Scotland’s Future in the UK

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The SNP may have won the majority of seats in Scotland, but unfortunately it hasn’t kept the tories out of Westminster.

It is a foregone conclusion that Scotland will leave the EU along with the rest of the United Kingdom despite voting overwhelmingly to remain and you can rest assured that Boris Johnson will use his majority to force Scotland to toe his union line.

Scotland can look forward to 5 more years of austerity, 5 more years of financial cuts to its block grant, the Union flag hoisted at all Scottish national events as well as being flown on all government buildings. Our iconic Scottish brands will be forced into being branded British as Boris tries to portray a united kingdom to the rest of the world.

We can look forward to five more years of Minimum Wage, Zero Hour Contracts and a rise in pension age.

We already know that the Conservatives are opposed to devolution and it will not be long before they turn their attention to the Scottish Government. They will bring in new legislation dissolving the Scottish Parliament and replacing it with a Westminster run administration, paving the way for privatisation of Scottish Water and the Scottish National Health Service. This will put an end to free prescriptions, free college tuition fees and free bus passes. This will also put an end to the mitigation of benefit cuts which will result in the poorest people in Scotland having to suffer the Bedroom Tax and Rape Clause in addition to an already failing universal credit scheme.

Privatising Scottish Water will allow our water to be sold cheaply and pumped south of the border to make up for the shortfall in the southern counties.

Projects like the failed proposal for the Loch Ness theme park and the holiday homes at Bannockburn will be allowed to go ahead as Westminster over rules local planning regulations to commercialise our National and Historic sites like it has already done in parts of England and Wales.

Fracking sites will be opened up right across the central belt, remember that these exploration licences have already been sold by the UK Government and it is only the Scottish Government that is preventing these companies from drilling.

With such an overwhelming majority in Westminster the conservatives can now do pretty much what they want, and it is a foregone conclusion that Scotland’s voice will be totally ignored in the house of commons.

We may well have the majority of Scottish MP’s in Westminster but in reality the SNP are still only the third largest party and do not have the numbers to prevent the conservatives from introducing new legislation that will be devastating for Scotland. When our MP’s do get a chance to speak and voice their objections, the conservatives leave the chamber and those who do stay in their seats can often be heard telling our MP’s to sit down and shut up.

Boris Johnson now has the power to do what no other Conservative Government has been able to do since devolution first began and that is to take back control of Scotland.

It is now more than ever, vital that the people of Scotland have their voices heard, we no longer have the luxury of waiting until after the 2021 Scottish elections as the Scottish Government will be downgraded by Boris Johnson long before that, his excuse will be that it is required to allow for a smooth transition from the EU.

We cannot stand idly by as Westminster erodes our nationality. A vote for Scottish Independence is the only way that Scotland can guarantee its future, protect its heritage and preserve its culture.

The people of Scotland have the right to determine the type of Government best suited to their needs and Westminster has no right to prevent us from doing so. We need to push for a second referendum now and do it with or without Westminster’s approval and show Boris Johnson once and for all that we do have a majority for an independent Scotland…

the people of Scotland have every right to determine the form of government best suited to their needs

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