Scots could be Deported and Sold as Slaves

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Following the remarks made recently by Conservative Edwina Currie regarding Scots on benefits being sent south to work, I am reminded of another tory, Lucy Frazer, who thought it right that Scots should be deported and sold as slaves.

In 2016 Tory MP Lucy Frazer talked about Scottish slavery during her maiden speech in parliament. Her fellow Tory MPs laughed and applauded her idea that they could once again sell Scots as slaves to the colonies.

Frazer said “it was Oliver Cromwell ‘who defeated the Scots at Dunbar and incorporated Scotland into his Protectorate and transported the Scots as slaves to the colonies.’ the tories laughed at this and could be heard chanting “hear, hear, hear” in approval of her comment. Frazer then went on to say “Now, there’s an answer to the West Lothian Question” suggesting that deporting Scots to the colonies and selling us off as slaves would resolve the issue, which was met with approval and even more laughter from the tory benches….

The West Lothian Question refers to the imbalance between the voting rights in the House of Commons of MPs from Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland constituencies and those of MPs from English constituencies following devolution. It has been called this ever since Tam Dalyell, the former MP for West Lothian, raised the question in a debate on devolution to Scotland and Wales in November 1977.

This is what the Conservatives are suggesting should happen if we continue to question their policies on Scotland

During British rule in Scotland, around 100,000 Scots were sold as slaves to the colonies.

Scots found guilty of the Act of Proscription – found to be wearing tartan, playing the bagpipes or speaking their native tongue were banished to prison ships bound for the colonies where they would be sold as slaves, and suffer up to 20 years of hard physical labour.

Many of the Scots would die in transit, chained together at the bottom of the ships, often for 5 weeks at a time, forced to live in a pool of their own excrement, urine and sickness.

The slaves who survived the brutal passage would have witnessed dozens of others die in front of them, from starvation, malnutrition or other types of sickness.

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