A Vote on Scottish Independence is a Right Not a Privilege

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Reports in the press that the UK Government will refuse a section 30 order have not gone down well with the people of Scotland. Given the change in circumstances since 2014 then Scotland has every right to demand a second referendum and the prime minister has no right to refuse such a request.

Scotland cannot force the UK Government to allow a section 30 order, but in a democratic union there is no reason for such a request to be withheld. In a recent interview on the Andrew Marr show, Former Brexit Secretary David Davis MP when talking about brexit stated that the Prime Minister “should have the ability for the united kingdom to leave this treaty when it chooses to” he then went on to say “there is no other treaty in the world that I am aware of, where a sovereign nation undertakes to join up and can only leave when the other side says so

The Conservative governments refusal to grant Scotland a second vote on Scottish Independence is not only undemocratic but illegal.

The people of Scotland have a Sovereign right to self governance and if the people of Scotland want to choose whether or not they wish to exercise that right then it is up to them, and that decision will be made through the democratic process of a referendum. It is not for the UK government to make that choice, it is a choice for the people of Scotland to make for themselves.

The excuses we are hearing from the Prime Minister, the Scots Tories and the Conservative party in general as reasons for not holding a second referendum on Scottish Independence, are pitiful and have no legal basis as a refusal to allow the people of Scotland something that is their democratic right.

The prime minister stated that “there is no appetite in Scotland for a second referendum

This is simply untrue, in the last 12 months alone we have seen hundreds of thousand of people take to the streets in support of a second referendum. and just because the BBC and main stream media hide this from public view, does not alter the fact that these marches and rallies have taken place, this proves that there is not only an appetite, but that support is growing right across Scotland for a second referendum.

In Edinburgh 2018, over 100,000 people attended a march and rally calling for a second referendum on Scottish Independence

Ruth Davidson said in an interview that “now is not the time for another referendum” claiming that “there was no support for one

Well I’m sorry to say Ruth but the fact that the people of Scotland have in the last 3 elections voted for a Pro-Independence party on a manifesto to hold a second referendum proves that the support does exist.

Independence supporters gather in Holyrood park to send a clear message to the Scottish Government that there is support for a second referendum

The prime minister claims that “the SNP does not have a mandate to hold a second independence referendum

Again, the prime minister lies. Not only does the SNP have the backing of the people of Scotland, they also have a mandate from the Scottish Parliament. A fact that Westminster’s SNP leader Ian Blackford reminded the prime minister of when she repeated the lie in the House of Commons. In response to the prime minister’s misleading statement that Scotland had no mandate for another referendum. Ian Blackford, stood up to raise a point of order, the prime minister left the house to avoid giving a reply. This did not however stop Ian Blackford from making the point to the speaker that the Prime minister had misled the house.

Theresa May tells SNP they have ‘no mandate’ to pursue independence during Brexit row

The Scottish Parliament has backed Nicola Sturgeon’s call for the powers to hold a second independence referendum. MSPs voted 69 to 59 to mandate the First Minister to seek permission from the UK Government for a ballot to be held between autumn 2018 and spring 2019.

Holyrood backs Nicola Sturgeon’s call for second referendum

Leaving the EU despite Scotland voting overwhelmingly to remain, is seen by many as a kick in the teeth, especially given the fact that we were told in 2014 that the only way that Scotland could guarantee its place in Europe was by remaining a part of the UK.

Scotland being taken out of the EU against the will of the people is a major change of circumstance, especially given the fact that 62% of Scottish voters, voted to remain.

In the EU membership referendum held on 23 June 2016 all thirty two council areas in Scotland voted by a majority for the UK to remain a member of the EU. 62% of Scottish voters voted to remain a member of the EU, with only 38% voting to leave.

Scotland in Europe
The people of Scotland voted to remain in the EU

Another argument that we often hear from the Conservatives is that we had a vote in 2014 and are not allowed another. This is simply nonsense, if circumstances change then of course were allowed another vote, this is called DEMOCRACY.

If we weren’t allowed to change our minds then we wouldn’t have things like Elections, after all you did vote for that MP, MEP, MSP so your not allowed to change your mind and vote for someone else. If we weren’t allowed to change our minds then we wouldn’t be allowed to leave the EU, after all we did vote ‘Yes’ by 67.2% to remain in Europe in 1975.

The UK Governments rhetoric that we should not seek another vote if circumstances change, is quite frankly an affront to democracy.

Of course we’re allowed to change our minds, we regularly hold elections to change governments, we get to change our minds. In 2016 we held a referendum to leave the EU and overturned the decision made in 1975, we got to change our minds. In a democracy we are allowed to change our minds, a fact that Wera Hobhouse of the Liberal Democrats recently reminded the nation of in the house of commons.

The UK Government has said that given the work needed to exit the EU they do not have the time to suspend parliament to allow a 2nd referendum on Scottish Independence to take place.

Well I am sorry to inform you madam prime minister but this is a SCOTTISH referendum and as such has nothing really to do with the House of Commons, you have your English votes for English laws which the Scottish MP’s respect, and you must respect that this is a Scottish matter. Democracy dictates that this is a decision for the people of Scotland to make and not a decision for YOUR Government, Westminster or the rest of the UK to make for us.

Scottish Independence is a matter for Scotland

So in summing up, here are the FACTS….
Democracy dictates that we have the right to change our minds.
Leaving the EU is a significant change in Scotland’s circumstances.
There is a mandate from the people of Scotland to hold a second referendum.
The Scottish Parliament has given the First Minister permission to seek a second referendum.
So can someone please tell me, what is there about these facts that the Conservatives don’t understand?

We live in a democracy and until that changes we have every right to hold a second referendum on Scottish Independence.


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