Scottish Independence will not be like Brexit

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Scottish Independence is not like Brexit, we don’t pay a yearly fee to the rest of the UK, we don’t owe them any money, we have no legal debt liabilities, we have our own laws and legal system already in place and we already trade outside of the UK.

Scotland will only be negotiating with Westminster, we wont have 27 countries sitting round the table complicating matters. Any arrangements made will be made between the 2 parliaments and will not need to be ratified by 27 other countries, neither will any changes to proposals be subject to a threat of veto by one or more of 27 other countries, as we have seen recently with the EU negotiations.

The conservative government in Westminster cannot hold the Scottish parliament to ransom in the same way that they have done with the house of commons over Brexit, because they know that a no deal exit from the UK would very much favour Scotland

Most of the terms for Scottish Independence were laid out in the 2012 Edinburgh agreement, so we already have a legal framework in place that can be used as a guide, unlike the EU withdrawal bill that had to be drawn up from scratch. Finally, there has been many countries who have successfully gained independence from the United Kingdom, so this is not a new thing for Westminster to have to negotiate, and may I add that not one of them has asked to return!

If there is a need for a transition period, then it will be to allow time for the implementation of our own currency, sort out freedom of movement and customs regulations, give the UK time to remove Trident from Scotland, sort out a settlement for the retention of the UK Government’s assets in Scotland and to negotiate how much of the UK’s debt interest that we feel obliged to pay.

Or, we could leave without a deal, with no transition period, our own currency from day one, we could then remove Trident ourselves, make no repayment towards the UK’s debt interest and either seize or make a compulsory purchase of the UK’s assets held in Scotland, very much in the same way that England did when it invaded Scotland back in the 1700’s.

So a no deal exit would mean; No lengthy and time consuming negotiations, no amendments bouncing backwards and forwards for months on end. We could simply shut the door and get on with the job of running our own country

Westminster are quick to remind us that 46% of Scottish exports are to the rest of the UK, but what they don’t tell you is that many of those exports are then processed and packaged south of the border for sale in the UK or for export elsewhere. So if they want to impose tariffs and place delays on Scottish goods entering the rest of the UK then let them, because it will be the people south of the border that will suffer, it will be the English companies that will face the delays and have to absorb the price increases when they come to buy their fish, beef, lamb, salmon and Scotch Whisky and not us.

If the UK Government wants to restrict the free movement of people, introduce trade tariffs, put up barriers and impose border controls between Scotland and the rest of the UK, then let them build their wall.

Let me ask you this, how long will it be before the meat and fish processing plants south of the border go out of business because they cannot get their products on time due to custom checks at the Scottish border or at a reasonable price because of the trade tariffs imposed on them by the UK government, and what’s going to happen when the Scottish Companies, Farmers, Fishermen and manufacturers decide to sell their products elsewhere, after all, the EU is a much bigger market place than the rest of the UK and with Scottish Independence it will become much easier and more economical to trade with…….

….. So I ask you …..

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