Scottish Labours Legacy of Shame

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british not scottish labourFirstly, let me explain that there is no such organisation as the “Scottish Labour Party” registered with the Electoral Commission. The Labour party in Scotland is merely a branch of its UK counterpart registered in London.

So lets take a quick look at Labours track record in Scotland so far…

Labours Crippling PFI Debts
According to statistics published by the Treasury there are 80 Labour PFI projects which were completed in Scotland between 1993 and 2006 that still have contracts being paid for by the Scottish taxpayer. This amounts to a staggering £30.2 billion with some contracts being as long as 35 years. This figure is more than five times the £5.6 billion initial cost associated with constructing and opening the buildings. The exuberant bill that Labour has left us with for just a handful of schools and hospitals means that millions of working Scots will still be paying the price for their incompetence for years to come.

Labour spent millions fighting women workers equal pay claims
When the Labour Party controlled Glasgow City Council it spent millions of pounds in legal fees and staff costs to contest claims by women who were victims of wage discrimination. This shows just how far Labour is prepared to go in its fight to prevent women from receiving equal pay in Scotland.

Labour Forms Coalition with Tories to keep the democratically elected parties out
In many local councils Labour has refused to relinquish power and have allied themselves with the Tories forming coalitions to push out the SNP, who in many of these constituencies got the majority of the votes. This fundamentally undermines democracy by allowing the minority to maintain power against the will of the electorate.

Labour tells members to vote Conservative
Yes you read that right, Labours obsession with keeping the SNP out of Westminster led to its then leader Kezia Dugdale during the 2017 general election urging voters to vote for the tories in key areas. This led to many labour members becoming confused over which party they should vote for and as a result the Tories gained many seats from both Labour and the SNP.

Labour in Scotland managed to build only 6 new council houses
Its sad but true, the last time Labour had control of Scotland it only managed to build six new council houses, that’s less than one a year, it did however manage to hand back over £1.5 billion in unspent revenue to the UK treasury…

labour only built 6 council houses in scotland

Labours track record in the housing sector has really been pitiful, in 7 years of Government in Scotland they only managed to build a handful of council houses and a few thousand affordable homes. The figures are there for all the world to see, yet Labour in Scotland are still in denial of these facts, and often accuse the Scottish Government of shortfalls in the provision of affordable housing to deflect from the truth that it was under Labour that the amount of new builds dropped, yet the cash was there to be used, but instead they handed over £1.5 billion pounds back to the UK treasury as unallocated revenue. In comparison more than 70,000 affordable homes have been built in Scotland under the SNP.

Labours Hospital Parking Charges
The Scottish Government under the SNP got rid of Hospital Parking charges throughout Scotland with the exception of 3 facilities. These are the Ninewells in Dundee, the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. The reason that these 3 hospitals could not be included in the scheme was because the car parking was provided as part of Labours Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and the contracts were way too expensive to buy out. Ninewells parking is run by Indigo Infra Dundee on a 30-year lease, the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh is administered by Consort on a 25-year lease and the Glasgow Royal Infirmary is run by Impreglio on a 30 year deal. So thanks to Scottish Labours hair brained scheme the people of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee are stuck with paying for hospital parking for years to come.

Labours Confusion over Devolved Powers
Richard Leonard, the Scottish branch leader has no idea what is devolved to Scotland and what is reserved to Westminster and this has led to some rather amusing statements from him over the last year or so.

In March 2018 during FMQ’s he had no idea that Network Rail was a wholly owned subsidiary of the UK Government and even when the FM informed him that Network Rail was accountable to the UK Government and not to the Scottish Government, he still insisted that the Scottish Government did something about the workers contracts.

Scottish Water is Publicly owned and has been since 2003 so Richard Leonard’s vow to bring Scottish Water ‘BACK’ into public ownership would have been laughed off as just another mindless blunder if it wasn’t for the fact that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was making the same claim.

Mr Leonard demanded that the Scottish Government bring to an end to the two-child cap limit for child tax credits and that the ‘rape clause’ be abolished, but forgot that these matters are still reserved to Westminster and as such cannot be changed by Holyrood. He also forgot that it was his Labour party that abstained on the crucial vote that allowed the Tory bill to be passed in the first place.

Scottish Labour ignores members vote to oppose Trident renewal
The Scottish Labour Party has ignored a democratic vote at their party conference which put them on the same side as the majority of the Scottish public in opposing the renewal of Trident. This just goes to show the utter contempt that the party has for its own democratic process and the decision making of its membership.

It is becoming more apparent that the Labour party members in Scotland have no say in party policy as these policies are clearly decided at a national level and as a party branch they must follow the main party line. This goes a long way to explaining why the Scottish Labour party representatives in Westminster have voted against so many bills that could have benefited the people of Scotland.


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