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This is deeply disturbing, on their own they just make for some interesting reading, but when you start combining the draft legislation that will bring about changes to the 2018 Withdrawal Act with page 48 of the Conservative parties 2019 manifesto, it becomes rather alarming. I wonder why no one else has put this together and why is this not being discussed on the news or in the media.

Page 48 of the Tories 2019 election manifesto seeks to amend human rights and take away powers from our courts. Basically, they want to be able to prorogue parliament whenever they want, and diminish parliamentary democracy in favour of more executive powers.

If elected on this manifesto they can claim that it is what the public voted for and begin to implement the changes to the 2018 Withdrawal Act. According to draft legislation they plan to reform the 2018 Withdrawal Act to remove the limits on Henry VIII powers. They can then use those changes to strip away the powers of the devolved parliaments without the need to pass primary legislation through the house of commons.

Under the current legislation Ministers have the power to make legislative changes which they consider appropriate for the purposes of implementing Part 3 of the Withdrawal Agreement. Subsection (5) places a series of restrictions on that power, and states what it cannot do, including amending or repealing the 1998 Scotland Act. If the government removes or amends section 8(B)5 as is indicated in the document below, then that protection will have been removed.

It is important to remember that when the EU withdrawal Bill was first introduced an amendment was made to clause 7 in order to prevent delegated powers from being used to amend the Scotland and Wales Acts.

Let me make the connection for you….

First they take away the rights of the Supreme Court to interfere with Parliamentary Procedure.

Then they make changes to legislation which will allow them to remove powers from the devolved administrations.

These changes cannot be challenged in Parliament as they will have been made under the revised 2018 Withdrawal Act.

Scotland would be unable to mount a legal challenge against these changes, as it would be a political decision outwith the legislative competence of the Supreme court.

Are you seeing the bigger picture here…

The Conservatives are planning to legally strip away our rights.

By using outdated Henry the VIII powers and a short paragraph buried on page 48 of their 2019 manifesto they can legally justify making changes to legislation without it ever going through Parliament….

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