Tory suggests Scots on benefits should migrate south for work

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We all know that the Conservatives have little or no regard for the people of Scotland and now we have Edwina Currie treating us as second class citizens by suggesting our unemployed should move south of the border to work in nightclubs, bars and cafes instead of claiming universal credit.

There is a good reason why those south of the border don’t want to work in the Hospitality and Leisure Industry

For years the hospitality sector in England has relied on cheap labour from the EU, but brexit has put an end to that leaving a shortfall of bar staff, cleaners and waitresses.

The industry is renowned for its zero hour and minimum wage contracts and that is why the unemployed in England don’t want to work in it. So the Conservatives are now suggesting that unemployed Scots should head south to do the jobs that no one else wants to do.

The UK Government tries to hide its unemployment figures in England behind UK statistics and percentages, but according to the Office for National Statistics, there are currently over 250,000 people (4.7%) unemployed in England claiming benefits and there are just over 19,000 hospitality and leisure industry vacancies, so I would suggest putting some of them to work to ease the universal credit situation rather than ship Scots from their homes to do it for them.

In Scotland we want to see an end to zero hour contracts, we want all of our workers to be paid a realistic living wage, unlike the UK government who allow companies to set up fake jobs such as apprentice cleaners, or employ staff for trial periods on little or no pay.

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