Voting For Scotland’s Future…

This upcoming election will be critical to Scotland’s future…

Despite what the Scottish Conservatives are preaching, the election on the 12th of December is not about stopping indyref2.

This election is all about domination, it is about removing power from the Scottish people, it is about taking away our right to determine the type of government best suited to our needs, it is about less powers for the Scottish Government and a more controlled governance from Westminster. If Boris Johnson’s conservatives are voted into Downing Street on the 12th of December then Scotland will cease to exist as a nation.

Scottish Conservatives serve the union not the people of Scotland

It is a well known fact that the Conservative party in Scotland exists only to serve the main party in Westminster. We have lost count of the number of times that Scottish Conservative MP’s have voted against the best interests of the Scottish people in order to serve their masters south of the border. We have also lost count of the damaging policies like the Rape Clause, Bedroom Tax, Universal Credit and the WASPI Women’s loss of pensions that have been thrust on us with the support of the Scot Tories. The Conservatives policies for maintaining the Minimum Wage, Zero Hour Contracts and the prospects of a retirement age of 75 are all down to Scotland’s Tory MP’s selling out the Scottish workers who they were elected to represent. Promises of more catchments for Scotland’s fishermen were made by the tories knowing full well that 55% of fishing licenses are already held by non Scottish based fleets. Local farmers have been let down by the proposed introduction of a hard border down the Irish sea which will see a restriction on livestock going over to Ireland. A Factory closure in Annan and the resulting Job losses happened on Tory MP David Mundells watch, while back door deals and cash incentives were being done to transfer the work south of the border to Hull. And let us not forget how the Conservatives cheered when they successfully blocked a pay rise for Nurses, Teachers, Police and Firefighters.

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Scotland’s NHS up for Sale in USA trade deal…

The Scottish National Health Service is a devolved power, this makes it very difficult for the Conservatives to use as a bargaining chip in future trade deals with the USA. In order for Boris Johnson to sell off Scotland’s health services he must first gain control of them from the Scottish Government, and the only way he can do that is by changing the current legislation. Boris has threatened to take control from the Scottish Government if waiting times and investment aren’t improved. These threats are made knowing that investment is made through Scotland’s block grant which is controlled by Westminster, and let us not forget that despite cutbacks in the money being returned to Scotland, there have been significant improvements in Scotland’s health system and Scotland’s A&E departments have outperformed the rest of the UK for over two and a half years.

Scotland will lose its right to run the Scottish Health Service

Scotland will lose it’s place in the EU

The people of Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, our ties to Europe are critical for business, investment, jobs and export, brexit will bring that to an end on the 31st of January if we don’t do something to stop it.

Scotland will lose its National Identity

Boris Johnson has already stated that he intends to fly the union flag on every public building and at every major Scottish event, taking away our national identity and stamping the unions authority on us.

the people of Scotland have every right to determine the form of government best suited to their needs