We’re Still Yes…

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The Scottish Independence Movement contains many people, it is a collective of individuals who share the same philosophical belief that Scotland should be an independent country.

The people who share this belief hail from many backgrounds and nationalities, there is a cross section of differing religions, ethnicity, sexual orientation and political persuasion.

The Yes movement consists of, supporters, activists, social media groups, academics, bloggers, politicians as well as a number of supporting political parties.

We have a right to Indyref2

The independence movement is exactly that a movement, and right now it is moving steadily forward, gaining momentum each and every day. There is no leader, there is no umbrella group and there is certainly not one single voice that represents the views and opinions of all of these people, many of whom are here not because they followed others, but because they believe in an independent Scotland.

Sure we have many independence groups that represent a lot of the yes supporters, but not all of them, we have political parties like the SNP who represent many within the independence movement but they do not represent everyone and we have many leading figures within the independence movement, but again, they do not singularly represent or speak for all of the supporters of Scottish independence, and that will never change.

The people within the independence movement can often have different views and opinions and some of these can become quite vocal at times. There are some that want to remain in the EU and there are some that want to leave, there are differences of opinion over currency and immigration, we have people who support the monarchy and others that want to do away with it, we even have one group who want to see a Trump style wall built along the English border, thankfully this is a very small group. Whatever happens following independence, these will be choices for the people of Scotland to make and that choice should be made through a democratic process. I would suggest that many of these key decisions could be put to the people via a multi-question referendum or by voting for a party whose manifesto best represented your views on these matters. But before any of that can happen, before any future plans can be implemented, we need to be independent, so no matter what our own individual views or opinions are, we all agree that Scottish independence is first and foremost.

Scotland has many political parties that support an independent Scotland, with the main party being the SNP. We know that they are not the only choice available for independence supporters, but at the moment they are the only party strong enough to deliver a second referendum. If there is to be any change to the Scottish Government then it should be after we have gained independence, and it makes sense to continue to give our support to the SNP in order to get that chance to place our votes into the referendum ballot boxes.

The independence movement has a lot of leading figures and many high profile voices that are considered to reflect the views of many within the movement, this is simply not true, even the First Minister’s views do not always represent the views and opinions of everyone within the independence movement.

As the old saying goes:-
You can please all of the people some of the time…
You can please some of the people all of the time…
But you can’t please all of the people all of the time…

Not one single person or politician can speak for the whole of the independence movement as it is a collective without singular representation. Each, like myself, can offer their own views or opinions, each can make statements according to the views or opinions expressed by their group or party, but non can speak for all of us.

Sure there are some that won’t join a particular group or party because of something or someone that they don’t agree with. Yes, there are people who often speak out against something that a person has said because they have a different view or opinion on the matter, and yes, these differences are often interpreted as a division within the independence movement. But let me remind you, that each and every one of us has a choice, we get to choose, which blogs we read, who we follow on social media, which speaker we go and listen to, who we agree with and who we don’t, which party we support, which group we decide to join or leave. That is not division it is called democracy. The only thing that we cannot choose to do, is run our own country, and that needs to change.

The independence movement is much bigger than any one person, politician, group or party, it is a collective of many groups and individuals, each have their own views and opinions, but no matter the differences, each and everyone of us will vote Yes on the day of the second referendum, and nothing will ever change that.

Forever Yes…

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