Will Scotland Get Nuked?

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If NATO goes to war with Russia one of the first targets will be the Faslane Naval base. Russia will want to take out NATO’s nuclear capabilities as fast as it can and as Faslane houses the Wests nuclear stash, it is most likely to be amongst the first targeted.

Russia is always probing Britains reaction time to incursions, and over the past couple of years Russian spy ships and submarines have managed to get dangerously close to the mouth of the Clyde, resulting in British ships having to be deployed to ward them off, and these incursions have increased over the last eight or nine months.

If Russia were to launch a strike against NATO and target Faslane, it would be done without warning and would be a very definitive strike aimed to cripple not only NATO but Britains defensive capabilities.

The attack would most likely come from one of the many Russian submarines patrolling the North Sea and as most of the weapons at Faslane are housed underground in bunkers, it would have be a nuclear strike. A tactical nuclear strike would not only take out the underground weapons bunkers, but will also destroy any ships and submarines in port at the time, leaving the base useless for many years to come.

The cost in lives to the people of Scotland will be enormous, not only from the initial blast, although, the blast radius would be over ten miles, but from the Thermal Radiation, which would cover an area of over 60 miles. taking out Glasgow, Stirling, Kilmarnock, even reaching as far south as Ayr.

Then we have the nuclear fallout, which would cover most of the central belt and depending on wind direction could cover most of Southwest Scotland.

This is the reality of the situation and a price that Scotland has to pay for staying in the union….

Source: nukemap